Earning scholarship dollars requires an investment of time. Become aware of available scholarships and their criteria. Students may want to gather things such as official marks, significant achievements, volunteer efforts and reference letters in order to support scholarship applications. The government of Alberta provides detailed information on the scholarship application process.

Applying for scholarships


Scholarship Sources

Salisbury Composite High School Awards Program

All Salisbury Composite High School students are eligible to participate in our school based awards program. With the support of community and corporate sponsorship, students can earn recognition for outstanding citizenship, volunteerism, athletic and academic achievements. Beginning in the spring of each year (March), students can complete the In-House Awards application process. 

In-House Awards 


Post-Secondary Institutions

Students are encouraged to check with the Student Awards/Financial Aid office of the Post-Secondary school of choice/interest.

Alberta Post Secondary Institutions Scholarships



The government of Alberta encourages and rewards the excellence of Alberta students through the Alexander Rutherford Scholarship program. Check out current information including deadlines and eligibility. 

Alexander Rutherford

The Alberta Scholarships listing contains scholarships and awards sponsored by the Government of Alberta and administered by Student Aid Alberta. This listing is hosted on the Student Aid Alberta website.

Alberta Scholarships listing


Additional Scholarship Opportunities

There are many additional scholarship opportunities hosted as databases by various organizations. The Alberta government provides a curated list for students to further research. Scroll through the link below to find the desired section. 

How to apply for scholarships and bursaries


Al Hamilton Scholarship Award (Edmonton Oilers Alumni Association): The Al Hamilton Scholarship is awarded annually to a student from the Greater Edmonton area for excellence in academics, athletics, and community service. One scholarship is available each year to a student entering their first year of post-secondary education.

Al Hamilton Scholarship