S.A.I.L. Leadership Program

Introduction to Team Leadership - S.A.I.L.

Want to have fun while still earning credits? Want to make the school a fun place to be? We are the place you want to be. We organize activities designed to bring the school community together. You can be a part of it.

Team Leadership has many credits available to registrants. Each level of CTS module is built on the success of the previous levels.

The course is available to all the students who are interested in learning about and developing leadership skills. Grade 10 students should be registered in Leadership 10. Once a student completes the grade 10 modules, they can enrol in Leadership 20 and 30.

The following units provide a basic framework for the course:  Servant Leadership Skills, Volunteerism, Communication Skills, Effective Leadership, Interpersonal Relationships, Analyze and Resolve Practical Problems and Mentorship.