Scholarships and Financing Post-Secondary Education

In-House Awards & Scholarships

Alexander Rutherford:  To apply for the Alexander Rutherford Scholarship, please go to:

Student Aid Alberta is making applying for the Alexander Rutherford High School Achievement Scholarship easier by implementing a new online application process, and so you need to be aware of the following:

  • The new online application for Alexander Rutherford will be available in early July.
  • Paper copies of the Alexander Rutherford application are no longer being accepted.
  • No more application deadlines! Apply online anytime  – once you have been accepted by your preferred post-secondary institution.
  • Existing awards amount, standards for academic merit and excellence does not change.


In-House Awards/Scholarships:

If you are a grade 12 student who has volunteered your time either in the community or at Salisbury during your high school years, and you have definite post-secondary goals for a trade or apprenticeship program, college or university, and/or if you are in a position of financial need, please see Mrs. Schlegl to apply for an in-house scholarship. A number of these are available with varied criteria. Deadline is June 1st.

Step 1:

Please fill out the form below by clicking on the link.

School Application Fillable Form

Awards Criteria

Step 2:

If you are applying for any of the scholarships with their own application form, please fill out that form and the School Application Fillable Form in Step 1.

  • ACT/UCT Turk Mahan Memorial Scholarship ($500.00): given to a student enrolled in post-secondary or apprenticeship who has volunteered time to Salisbury or their community.

ACT/UCT Turk Mahan Memorial Scholarship Information

ACT/UCT Turk Mahan Memorial Scholarship Application Form

  • Al Hamilton Scholarship Award (Edmonton Oilers Alumni Association): The Al Hamilton Scholarship is awarded annually to a student from the Greater Edmonton area for excellence in academics, athletics and community service. One scholarship is available each year to a student entering their first year of post-secondary education.

Al Hamilton Scholarship Award Application Process 

  • Canadian Progress Club: Given to a student who voluntarily contributed time and effort to their school and/or community.


  • Cooking Lake IODE Scholarship ($1000.00): Awarded to a grade 12 student who maintains a 70% average in each of the four subjects and has conditional acceptance to post-secondary. A 300 word essay explaing why you have chosen your profession and what you would like to achieve. Letter of reference from a teacher, principal or counselor is required. Please include any financial situations that may impact your ability to attend post-secondary. 

Cooking Lake IODE Scholarship Application


  • Earl Keeley ($1000.00): Grad who best combines athletics, leadership, citizenship & academics.


  • Edmonton Oil Kings Academic & Athletic Scholarship ($2000.00): Involved in Sabre Athletics and/or community athletic programs for at least two years of high school, maintained minimum average of 70%, have history of volunteerism, and conditional acceptance to post-secondary. Financial need will be considered.

Edmonton Oil Kings Academic & Athletic Scholarship Application Form

  • Elk Island Local No 28 ($500.00): Awarded to a grade 12 student who has demonstrated a high level of achievement in high school and has received Conditional Acceptance to P/S in the Faculty of Education.

Elk Island Local No 28 School Scholarship Application Form

  • Hartwell Family Award ($1000.00): Awarded to a student who has satisfactorily completed their 30 level credits and is pursuing a trade or registered in an apprenticeship program.


  • Inter Pipeline Fund Discovery Award ($2000.00): Awarded to a student who has been nominated by a Guidance Counsellor who is entering specific program as listed by Inter Pipeline. Must have consistent academic commitment and conditional acceptance. Deadline is May 15.

2019 Discovery Award Application

2019 Discovery Award FAQ

  • Jeff Kenny Memorial ($2000.00): Awarded to one male and one female athlete who has given time, and effort to the athletics program and intends to pursue post-secondary.


  • Jessica Leathem Award ($1500.00): Awarded to a female student who is in a position of financial need and is registered in p/s in a Life Science Program. Student must have a history of schoolwork and volunteerism in life sciences.

The Jessica Leathem Award Scholarship Application

  • Lions Club - Breakfast ($450.00):Awarded to a grad who has voluntarily committed time to school and community.


  • Nicholas Keroack Memorial Fund Scholarship ($1000.00): Awarded to a student entering a trade and is involved in Sabre Athletics (preferably football).


  • Premier's Citizenship Award: Students apply after being nominated by a Guidance Counsellor. AB Scholarship Programs 780-427-8640, Student must have displayed outstanding characteristics in citizenship, leadership, and community service and/or engagement in volunteer work. Deadline to apply is June 1.


  • Randy Kowalchuk Basketball Award ($500.00): For a grad who played basketball and demonstrated most heart throughout the season. Academically, must have a minimum of merit standing or higher. Student to be selected by coach without application.


  • RICOH ($500.00):  Awarded to a student who has overcome adversity, is hard-working, and deserving of support to pursue further learning. Deadline to apply is April 8, 2020.

RICOH Scholarship Information

RICOH: How to apply

  • Rotary Club (Sherwood Park) ($500.00 & plaque): Awarded annually to a student who has made significant improvement in overall achievement from grade 10 through grade 12 and has definite career focus - requires post-secondary conditional acceptance.


  • Shell Canada STEM Scholarship ($1000.00): Awarded to a grade 12 student who is enrolled in STEM related studies (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics), maintained a high grade point average and has financial need. 


  • Sherwood Park Elks ($400.00): Awarded to EIPS grad whose shown commitment to volunteerism and involvement in school & community. Must have post-secondary conditional acceptance. Students with financial need will be given careful consideration.

Sherwood Park Elks Application Form

For application forms for the above awards, or for further information, please see Mrs. Schlegl in the office or email