Welcome to the Classes of the Wellness Center

You are in for a semester of Fun & Fitness.  The Wellness Center is a "Happening Place", so get ready to get "Pumped".  Who knew you could work out and get high school credits for doing it!

Classes I teach this semester

Period 1  Sports Med 20/30

Period 2  Sports Med 10

Period 3  Sports Med 10

Period 4  Personal Fitness 20/30

Where can you find me this semester?

I am usually in the Wellness Center or in my Classroom (Room 257).

If you are not sure, check the Class Schedule for your particular class.

What if I miss a class this semester?

Find out what you missed for that day.

If it was a classroom day get caught up with the Powerpoint presentations located under your particular class.

If you missed an Activity Day you can make it up in the Wellness Center after school.  Remember, you have access to the Wellness Center after school for the rest of the semester! 


If I complete Wellness 10, What else can I take?

If you have successfully completed Wellness 10 you can take Personal Fitness 20 and or Sports Medicine 20.

Personal Fitness 20 builds on the foundations you developed in Wellness 10.  There is increased emphasis on Program Development as you move into Split Programs.  Students develop a Periodized Plan for themselves for the entire semester.  This plan is created by each student to reflect their personal needs.  Students are also involved in game playing to help understand Team Dynamics and Leadership.

Sports Medicine 20 is an exciting new course that was offered with great success this past semester.  Students learn how to and become certified in Athletic Therapy.  Students earn certificates in Taping & Strapping, First Aid with AED and Injury Management.  This is a very hands on course.  When you are done, you will know how to help someone who is hurt or injured.