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Parent Survey 2022- 2023 Results

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2018-2019 Parent Survey Results

The results are now available for the 2018-2019 EIPS Parent Survey conducted in March. Thank you to all families who took the time to share their feedback with the Division. The survey included 21 questions related to the three priorities outlined in the EIPS 2018-22 Four-Year Education Plan:

  • Priority 1 : Promote growth and success for all students
  • Priority 2 : Enhance high quality learning and working environments
  • Priority 3 : Enhance public education through effective engagement, partnerships and communication

The overall Division results represent 3,713 responses from parents and guardians across the Division. This was an increase in responses from 2,918 in the previous year.

The survey results for Salisbury High School have helped us identify the following areas of strength and opportunities for growth.

Areas of strength:

My child's school is safe. - 80% Agree and Strongly Agree

How Satisfied are you with the quality of education your child is receiving at his or her school? - 79% are satisfied or strongly satisfied.

How satisfies are you with the quality of teaching at your child's school? - 79 % are satisfied or strongly satisfied

Opportunities for growth:

My child is being taught knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to be successful in life. - 71% Agree and strongly agree

The feedback gathered will help our school and the Division measure its progress toward meeting the priorities and goals outlined in the EIPS 2018-22 Four-Year Education Plan and develop strategies to better serve students and the wider community moving forward.

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