Special Interest Courses

Special Interest Courses

Aboriginal Studies

Aboriginal Studies is a provincial course designed for ALL Alberta students. The purpose of the course is to engage, enlighten, and educate students about the historical, cultural and societal issues facing Aboriginal peoples in Canada and across the globe. Aboriginal Studies 10 affords students the opportunity to acknowledge and understand Origin and Settlement Patterns, Aboriginal World views, Political and Economic Issues and Aboriginal Symbolism and Expression. As part of the course students will be participating in a variety of outdoor activities including trips to Elk Island National Park, Strathcona Wilderness Centre, and Blackfoot Provincial Park.

Aboriginal Studies 20 is a provincial course that builds upon the foundation of Aboriginal Studies 10. The course focuses on Indigenous people from a Canadian and Alberta perspective and includes the study of policies, legislation, conflict, and cultural change under the three major themes: The Metis Treaties, Legislation, and Schooling. Content delivery includes text, guest speakers, interactive learning, artistic expression and representation, film/literary exploration, and outdoor adventure (Elk Island National Park, Blackfoot Provincial Park, etc.).

Aboriginal Studies 30 (classified as a Group A Humanities/Social Sciences/Languages other than English subject according to Alberta Education) is a provincial course for all Alberta students. The objective of the course is to gain a greater understanding of the current issues facing Aboriginal peoples in Canada and worldwide. Aboriginal Studies 30 enables students to demonstrate an understanding of the issues of Aboriginal rights and self-government, Aboriginal peoples in Canadian society and Aboriginal world issues. The course is innovative and engaging and allows students to learn about Aboriginal issues and history from an indigenous perspective. Students will have the opportunity to engage in a variety of cultural experiences (both on and off campus), as well as interact with Elders and guest speakers.

Aviation - Flight

Aviation - Flight 15, 25, 35

Aviation - Flight aims to expose students to the relevant skills, training and knowledge required to explore the world of aviation. This program has two goals: develop understanding of Transport Canada standards of pilot knowledge and introduce practical skills required to pilot an aircraft in a simulated environment. The course will also look into career possibilities, including post-secondary pathways toward achieving that goal. Possible field trip costs could include Alberta area flying clubs.

Career and Life Management (CALM)

CALM is designed to help students make informed decisions about choices impacting all aspects of their life. This course analyzes and develops behaviors and attitudes that contribute to student wellbeing, now and in the future.

Career Choices investigates career development through self-assessments, portfolio building, occupation and post-secondary research skills, and school to work transition planning.

Resource Choices builds financial literacy skills reflective of personal values and lifestyle planning.

Personal Choices emphasizes the emotional, intellectual, social, spiritual, and physical dimensions of health, managing well-being and investigating adolescent health issues.

Also covered are two CTS modules:

  • CTR 1010 Job Preparation - Resumes, Cover Letters, Job Search and Interview Skills
  • CTR 2010 Job Maintenance - Employment Standards, Workplace Legislation and Support Agencies.

Early Learning and Child Care

Students will develop skills to assist in promoting the social-emotional and creative development with children from birth to age 6. Students will also examine the development of learning through play and learn appropriate practices related to routines in a childcare program. Completion of this course can lead to a Level 1 – Early Childhood Educator Qualification.

Environmental Studies

Environmental Studies provides students the opportunity to develop an understanding of the social, economic and political significance of environmental issues. Courses offered are Environmental Studies 10, and 20.

Film and Media Art

Film and Media Art challenges students to engage in the study of film as art, as well as to embrace the technological and literary aspects of the medium. Courses offered are Film and Media Art 15 and 25.

Forensic Science

Forensic Studies 25, 35

Forensic Science addresses many of the techniques used in criminal investigations from a scientific point of view. Topics will include body fluid analysis and toxicology, fibre, hair and fingerprint analysis, DNA fingerprinting, ballistics (firearm examination), arson and explosives, entomology, careers in Forensic Science, and crime scene (examination of human remains).

Graphic material may be disturbing to some. These courses are taken in the same block of time.

General and Personal Psychology 20

General Psychology will provide you with a general background in psychology including the history and various approaches to understanding behavior. Personal Psychology deals with the social science of psychology with a particular focus on the psychological development of the individual.

These courses are taken in the same block of time.

Psychology 30/35

Prerequisite: General and Personal Psychology 20

Experimental Psychology 30 is designed to develop, with the student, the skills and understandings that make it possible for more effective living in our complex environment. The student’s attention will focus on the scientific approach to understanding human behavior so that he or she may appreciate more fully the reasons that underlie one’s own acts and those of others.

Abnormal Psychology 35 provides students with an overview of normal and abnormal behavior within the conditions that affect individuals in our society. Students learn about perspectives of abnormality, causal factors, types of disorders, as well as assessment methods, preventions, and treatment.

These courses are taken in the same block of time.

Psychology 1040: Introduction to Psychology - University Credit

Prerequisite: There are no pre-requisite courses required, however, course work is at a university level. It is recommended that students are in Grade 12 or returning for an additional year.

The history of psychological science, psychological research methods, the brain and nervous system, learning, perception, consciousness, thought and language. This course is designed to give students an introduction to psychological science and a post-secondary learning experience. Upon completion of this course, students will earn five 30-level high school credits, in addition to three university transfer credits. This course is recognized by most major post-secondary institutions in Alberta.

Sabres Active in Leadership (SAIL)

A wide variety of students become involved in SAIL, a course that promotes individual and team skills. Some students have SAIL as a course on their timetable, while other volunteer or contribute as best they can. In addition to planning and promoting school activities, students interact with community leaders and agencies.


Are you stoked about visual arts, design, street art and skateboard culture? Consider becoming a SK8trepreneur and explore the fundamentals of manufacturing, marketing and design to create advertisements and merchandise such as t-shirts, skateboards and more. Courses offered are SK8repreneur 10 and 20.