Career Pathways Courses

Dual Credit

Through Dual Credit opportunities, students can earn college/university credits from a Post-Secondary institution and high school credits in select programs. These opportunities are in partnership with Elk Island Public Schools Division, Lakeland College, Portage College, Norquest College, Olds College, and Alberta Education.

Dual credit helps students to:
• get started on a Post-Secondary education while still in high school
• save money on Post-Secondary tuition costs (through the Dual Credit Framework, high school students do not pay post-secondary tuition fees (other than the cost of textbooks)
• potentially earn credits in high school and a Post-Secondary Institution at the same time
• gain experience to succeed academically in a Post-Secondary environment
Students will be responsible for purchasing all textbooks and required resources materials (ie: robotics kit). These costs are set by the Post-Secondary Institution and indicated in the course descriptions. Information about purchasing the required materials will be provided to students once they have been accepted into the course.

See the EIPS Dual Credit Handbook for current course offerings and contact the Career Pathways Facilitator for information regarding the application process.

Foundation in Industry Workplace Safety 35

5 credits

The Foundation in Industry Workplace Safety course is designed to provide students with a foundational understanding and awareness of the legislative requirements and responsibilities under the following eight industry standard safety courses. 

This includes:

• Construction Safety Training (CSTS2020)

• Confined Space

• Detection and Control of Flammable Substances

• Fall Protection Awareness

• Ground Disturbance

• H2S Alive

• Transportation of Dangerous Goods

• WHMIS 2015  

• First Aid

This course is designed to help students understand and complete the rigors of attaining certification. Students will receive industry level certification for the above courses. In addition to 5 30-level CTS credits and be ready to enter the industry workplace upon completion. This course will be offered as field trip-based course and therefore can be taken in addition to a full timetable. 

Approximate Cost to be determined

Psychology 1040: Introduction to Psychology - University Credit

Prerequisite: There are no pre-requisite courses required, however, course work is at a university level. It is recommended that students are in Grade 12 or returning for an additional year.

The history of psychological science, psychological research methods, the brain and nervous system, learning, perception, consciousness, thought and language. This course is designed to give students an introduction to psychological science and a post-secondary learning experience. Upon completion of this course, students will earn five 30-level high school credits, in addition to three university transfer credits. This course is recognized by most major post-secondary institutions in Alberta.


The Green Certificate Program

16 credits

Prerequisite: AGR3000

The Green Certificate Program is administered by Alberta Agriculture, Food and Rural Development. The program is delivered off campus and students may earn credits for successfully completing a Green Certificate Program by enrolling in any of the nine available Green Certificate Specializations:
• Cow-Calf Beef Production
• Dairy Production
• Equine Studies
• Feedlot Beef Production
• Field Crop Production
• Sheep Production
• Irrigated Field Crop Production
• Swine Production
• Beekeeper Production

Each specialization has three areas of study. Green Certificate courses are not sequential and may be taken in any order. All credits earned in Green Certificate courses count towards Grade 12 graduation requirements. Students must also complete AGR 3000 Agriculture Safety.

Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP)

5 to 40 credits

Prerequisite: HCS 3000 Workplace Safety Systems, HCS 3010 Workplace Safety Practices.
Students in the Registered Apprenticeship Program are considered full-time students and registered apprentices. Students in this program must be completing the required courses for an Alberta High School Diploma or the Certificate of High School Achievement.
Before registering for this program, students must have successfully completed the prerequisites listed above, have approval from the Career Pathways Facilitator, and obtain their own RAP placement. For more information about the Registered Apprenticeship Program, please contact the Career Pathways Facilitator.