The Honours Program at Salisbury is an exceptional program designed for high achieving students who are motivated, responsible and serious about their academic success. This programme encourages students to extend themselves beyond the minimal requirements of the regular academic course program. Students enrolling in Honours possess a strong passion for the course content and demonstrate exemplary behavior and work habits.

The Grade 10 Honours programme offers an enhanced, well-rounded liberal arts and sciences education that satisfies the regular grade 10 academic curriculum, and then extends its content and skills to prepare students for the grade 11 and 12 International Baccalaureate programme. The Grade 10 Honours programme seeks to create a community of motivated students, united by a desire for a greater challenge than is offered by regular programming. 

Students who successfully complete the Grade 10 Honours programme may enter the IB Program in grade 11 as a course or diploma student, or may integrate back into the regular academic stream in grade 11 with an enhanced skill set.

In the Grade 10 Honours Programme, students enjoy the benefits of and challenges of intellectual and social interaction in a supportive and stimulating school community. The enhanced learning environment provides the freedom for students to challenge themselves academically and it gives parents the satisfaction of knowing that the Honours Programme opens a pathway to extraordinary possibilities for their student. 

This programme is the common starting point for the International Baccalaureate programme in grade 11 and 12.  All IB courses begin at the 20-level. 



Although the International Baccalaureate Programme is a system programme, all students who do not have Salisbury as their designated school are required to complete a Boundary Exemption Form.

The full process to outlining zone exemptions and transportation may be found at the Elk Island Public Schools website.