Math Course Outlines and Syllabus

All course outlines can be found here. Outlines are in Excel format and detail what unit is being covered each day. Outlines also indicate when common unit exams are being administered.

All course syllabus' can be found here. Syllabus' are in word format and cover how many days will be spent on each unit. The syllabus will also cover how grades will be calculated as well as cover the math department's calculator policy and cell phone policy.

Math Videos

Videos can also be found here that cover all science and math course taught in Elk Island Public Schools.

Math 10 Common Lesson Plans

Students may download lesson plans for each unit in Math 10 Common. While a teacher may deviate from the lesson plans slightly, the material covered will be similar.  All lesson plans are in in Adobe PDF format.

Math 10 Common Unit Reviews

All Math 10 Common unit reviews can be found on

You will also find the Year End review in the same folder.

Math 20-1 Lesson Plans

Lesson plans for all Math 20-1 units can be found here.

Why Take Math 30-3?

In September 2012, Alberta is introducing a new math course: Math 30-3.

Description:This course is designed to provide students with the mathematical understandings and critical-thinking skills identified for entry into the majority of trades and for direct entry into the work force. Topics include algebra, geometry, measurement, number, statistics and probability.

It is important to note, Math 30-3 does not have a diploma.

Alberta Education has set up a website that outlines the requirements for various trades in Alberta.View the webpage and see if Math 30-3 is right for you. Talk to your math teacher if you have any questions.

Post Secondary Acceptance of the new Math Curriculum

Post secondary institutions are constantly analyzing and revising math requirements for their existing programs. Below you will find a link to website indicating current requirements under the new mathematics program. Check these links often as they can change without notice.

Alberta Education - here you will find the implementation schedule for the new math program as well as links for all post secondary institutions in the province, such as The University of Alberta, NAIT and Grant MacEwan.


Noon Hour Math Help

Having issues with math?  Help is available through your teacher.

Math teachers are available before school, during lunch and after school if you arrange a time to meet with them.

You can also ask any math teacher at Salisbury for help... you just have to ASK!


Calculator and Cell Phone Policy

Calculator Policy:
Only graphing calculators on Alberta Learning's approved list may be used. The TI-83 plus or TI-84 plus is recommended as all staff at Salisbury are familiar with their use and will be able to assist you with their various functions. If a student purchases a calculator other than the TI-83 plus or TI-84 plus , the onus will be on the student to learn to use it properly. Your teacher must be able to clear your calculator at any time. Password protection must be removed. Games are not allowed on any calculator that is used in the classroom. All calculators will be cleared before exams and the lids must be placed on the floor as per rules set out by Alberta Learning.

Cell Phones:
Cell phones are not allowed in math classes at Salisbury. They are a source of distraction and a threat to exam security.

Math Courses Background

Math courses are organized into four programs. Students are placed into the program which is most appropriate for them according to their achievement in junior high math and their personal goals. Refer below to the flowchart.

Students considering post -secondary studies should contact their guidance counselor before choosing mathematics courses. The entry marks suggested for each of the math courses are highly recommended by Elk Island Public Schools for optimal success. Consultation with teachers, counselors or administration is highly recommended before registration to any course or for transfer between courses.