Diploma and Final Exam Schedule

Diploma Exam Results

Diploma Exams: Result available through myPass

Just a reminder, students can retrieve their Diploma Exam result statements through myPass—a self‑service website for high school students. Printed results statements are no longer mailed.

In addition, students can us myPass to:

  • order transcripts;
  • view and print diploma exam result statements;
  • view progress towards a credential (diploma or certificate);
  • view student personal information;
  • view and print detailed academic reports (DAR);
  • order additional copies of a credential; and
  • register for a diploma exam.

To login, simply go to myPass.alberta.ca, set up an Education Account; and enter your Alberta student number and date of birth. You will then be sent an email with an URL and a physical letter with a four-digit PIN that you can use to sign in regularly. For more information, visit https://education.alberta.ca/student-self-service-mypass/what-is-mypass/.